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Sultanahmet-Old City

Essentially Constantinople of Roman, Byzantine, and much of the Ottoman period, this is where most of the famous historical sights of Istanbul are located.
Housing many of the nightlife venues of the city, this district which includes BeyoğluIstiklal Street, and Taksim Square has also its own share of sights and accommodation.
New City
Main business district of the city, also home to many modern shopping malls, and districts such asElmadağNişantaşı, and Etiler.
European bank of Bosphorus that is dotted by numerous palaces, parks, water-front mansions, and bohemian neighborhoods.
Golden Horn
Banks of Golden Horn, the estuary that separates European Side into distinctive districts. Eyüpwith an Ottoman ambience is located here.
Princes’ Islands
An excellent getaway from the city, made up of an archipelago of nine car-free islands—some of them small, some of them big—with splendid wooden mansions, verdant pine forests and nice views—both on the islands themselves, and also on the way there.
Asian Side
Eastern half of Istanbul, with lovely neighborhoods at the Marmara and Bosphorus coasts.
Western Suburbs
Western chunk of the European Side.


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